Saturday, 30th May 2020


Sunday, 4th August

The Duchess

<div>If you're looking for top-class entertainment, then get tickets to The Lion King. But if you want your drag live, filthy and with a cocktail umbrella, then look no further than The Duchess, who not only does a turn at the&nbsp;George &amp; Dragon, but also owns the gaff (so only heckle if you've got a big bar bill). With a brand new show (if you've never seen her before) and the winner of no Boyz Awards ever, The Duchess is one formidable mother hen.</div>

Miss Penny

<div>Miss Penny is an international, award winning drag superstar from the Midlands. Based in Birmingham but travelling the length and bredth of the UK and abroad, you can always find her in a venue near you.<br></div><div><span><br>The Miss Penny show is one to remember. More often than not her show is favoured over that of others because of her remarkable live vocals and comedy patter. Not only does she ooz style and class but this Drag Queen knows how to get the audenince involved in her show with a little audience participation... Making this show one to see and remember.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br><br>NO evening is complete with out a little bit of Penny ;)</span></div>

Tony Sinclair

Mr Tony Sinclair, the voice of London, is a doyenne of drag. Continuously working for over 40 years all over the UK and abroad.with a huge repertoire &nbsp;and velvet tones he can mesmerise an audience. A truly great drag performer.&nbsp;