Wednesday, 28th June 2017
TONIGHT ON STAGE: Bona Bingo with Candy



SandraSandra has been insulting audiences with her contemporary routine since the year dot. She has been seen in many guises ranging from "Sandra and Lucia", "The Sandra, Lucia and Millie Turner revue show" and "Twisted Sister". Only now can you catch the full force in her solo outings.

Hailing from the Midlands in the early eighties, she borrowed one of her mother's dresses, strapped on the stillies and hotfooted it down to London. She first enrolled into drag school via The Black Cap after being mesmerised by HiH Regina Fong. Soon after, on a drunken night out at The Hippodrome some tart calling herself Lily Savage told her "You've got a face for drag" - then the seed was sown.